Thursday, March 31, 2011

Everyone loves a winner


  Remember this rabbit?  This is the broken senior doe, owned by the mother and daughter team of  Valerie U and Michelle U-S, that won Best of Breed at the ARBA Convention.  Viola and owners are at it again! 

The show was March 26 held in Ontario, OR, hosted by the Snake River Rabbit & Cavy Breeders.  This gorgeous doe won Best of Breed in both shows and then judges Allen Mesick and Randy Shumaker, both picked her for Best in Show!  Congratulations to Team Viola!

Great time to peak, right before Nationals, ladies.  We have our eye on you……

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love the rabbits, love the exhibitors

Dawn sent some great photos of the exhibitors at the Michigan show.  Its great to see smiling faces!


Sarah S and her fiance


Molly E and Brian S


Theresa F taking a break


Cindy D


Bill P and youth BOS winner


Fun at the open Fuzzy Lop table

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thinking of our Friends in Japan






Please protect these wonderful people and this beautiful country.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beautiful AFL in Michigan

Dawn G, our East Coast Report sends this update on the Michigan State Convention, held March 5 and 6.

What a nice turnout of Fuzzies and exhibitors! Over 60 Fuzzies shown in Open and a Specialty show  on Sat and a very nice turnout of Youth Fuzzies shown in the State Show! It was nice seeing Theresa Frank back at the tables again with some beautiful color and although Sherry Callen didn’t have any rabbits to show, she was a trooper and came and held up way better than any of thought she would!

Does anyone remember this year at Convention when Allen Mesick had to DQ a SSB from the table because he fell over on the show table? Well, I’d counted and re-counted and thought I’d given everyone a crock with water but apparently I missed one! By show day, Bastet’s Nemo was dehydrated and couldn’t even stand! Cindy Decker and I took him back into the wool room and gave him subcutaneous liquids and within a few hours he was eating again. At the MI State Show, Bastet’s Nemo took Best of Breed! Thank you again Cindy! Nemo is near and dear to my heart because he’s out of Brian’s Neptune through a breeding Brian and I traded. He’s the sweetest thing ever and I just love him to pieces!

MI State Show

  1. Open, Judge: Donyell Schultz
  2. BOB: Dawn Guth – SSB
  3. BOS: Dawn Guth – SSD
  4. Youth, Judge: Bill Patrick
  5. BOB: Jamie Fry – SSB
  6. BOS: Ashley Born – BSD

Specialty Show

  1. Open, Judge: Carla Wilson
  2. BOB: Kathy Cordner – BSB
  3. BOS: Dawn Guth – SSD
  4. Youth, Judge: Mark Jacobs
  5. BOB: Jamie Fry, BSD
  6. BOS: Jamie Fry, SSB


Dawn with her winning Fuzzies from the state show.

Jamie F winners

Jamie F’s winning Fuzzies of Specialty show.


Carla W, Dawn G, and Kathy C with open winners of Specialty show.

More photos to follow later in the week from the show.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Like making sausage

The 2011 AFLRC National show will be in Reno, NV at the Sierra Grand Resort on April 15-17.  Its been a long time since the national show for Fuzzies was held in a hotel and I am really looking forward to it. 

Because the show is in the west and Reno has a long and varied history as a silver town and true “wild west” location, the show has a western theme.  Mr. Big Pants has put away his surf board and donned a cowboy hat and boots.  (Drawn by Randy G.  Thanks!)

Western Big Pants

The Best of Breed and Best Opposite of Breed awards also are western in tone.  Check out the process of making quilts for awards.


Like the title says, its like making sausage, not a very pretty picture!  But the final product should look pretty good. 




Don’t you want to win one? 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Share the Wealth



The cutie above was sold in the 50:50 auction held by AFLRC at the Minneapolis ARBA Convention.  Nate and Stuart B donated this tort buck and Lory-Ann R of North Carolina bought him.  Lory-Ann recently sent this update on the buck.

“Hello from North Carolina! Just thought you would like to know that your boy took BOB both open shows in Perry,Ga. this weekend. I am thrilled to have him in the rabbitry!!

All the best, Lory-Ann”

Don’t miss your chance to buy a nice Fuzzy Lop at the Indianapolis Convention where we will hold our next 50:50 auction.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All Broken

The California State Convention show was last weekend, Feb 26-27.  Other than chilly temperatures and windy conditions, it was a perfect show for bringing to together the American Fuzzy Lop exhibitors under one roof. 

On Saturday, Fuzzies were judged by Randy S.  Carol and Kendall’s  broken senior buck, Christian, won Best of Breed.


Sunday’s shows were bigger for Fuzzy Lops and the competition “hotter”.  In the first show, judged by Cathy S, Mary and Guy’s broken doe, Lambo won Best of Breed.


In the second show, judged by Allen O, Mary and Guy’s gorgeous Fuzzy Lops prevailed again!  Best of Breed was their broken senior buck, FOB.


Congratulations to everyone!  Now go home and start thinking about Nationals in Reno, NV, April 15-17.