Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shows, shows and more shows

This past weekend was full of rabbit shows in California. For those who don't realize or actually even think about it, California is a big state. From the northern to the southern most points of the state the distance is 770 mi (for the geographically curious, its ~250 mi wide). As a result, its eady to have more than one rabbit show in California on a single day. Saturday found double shows scheduled in Pomona (southern California) and 540 mi north was a double show in Red Bluff. Red Bluff also hosted another double show on Sunday.

I spent the weekend in Red Bluff, showing and judging, which meant I was plenty busy. On Saturday, my phone kept ringing and I ignored it. Finaally once I could sink into the pillow of my motel room bed, I looked at all the missed calls and realized a "Fuzzy" friend, Shirley Burts, was was at the Pomona show had been calling. It was 8 pm by then and time to catch up on what had happened in SoCal. "Hey Shirley. What's up?" A lot was up! Shirley and her daughter, Kalani, won double Best in Shows with their broken senior doe at the Pomona show. Congratulations!

Nothing quite as exciting to report from Red Bluff, other than we all had a lot of fun. The wins for Fuzzy Lops were spread around a bit so that is always nice. We also had a little gift exchange and gobbled up pumpkin pie from the Hendersons and fudge made by Katie Rodgers. Pictured to the left is Christina G with judge, Josh (right) and her black senior buck, Apple Jax, who won open BOB once on Saturday and once on Sunday. Adam & Carol Green won BOB the other two open shows with two different bucks. Christina also won BOSB in three of the four shows and Mary Henderson won BOSB in the fourth show. In youth Fuzzies, Jenny Henderson won BOB and BOSB in all four. (See photo below).

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