Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Look at the Easter basket I found in my yard! I have always loved Easter. We have never slighted the religious meaning of the holiday, but we also have a wonderful time celebrating in the secular tradition too. Even before we were showing rabbits, bunnies were popular at our house. I would gather all the stuffed bunny toys and put them in a path that led to the Easter baskets, so when Adam and Kendall woke up on Easter morning they followed the "bunny trail" to baskets of goodies. After Easter services, we had several other families come over for a great Easter meal--ham and all the spring specialties like strawberries and asparagus. Yum!
The highlight of the day was hunting eggs in our backyard. The moms stuffed the eggs with candy, small toys, coins, and even educational puzzles (which, as you would probably guess, were much less popular than candy and coins). Then the dads had the job of hiding hundreds of eggs in our backyard, well enough that the kids were challenged but out of the reach of the dogs (who also rejected the educational puzzles). At the sound of the bell, the kids took off running all over the yard searching for colored plastic eggs. The dads always followed up with a "sweep" of the yard to find just a few remaining eggs. No matter how long they looked, about three months later one of our dogs always showed up chewing on a plastic egg, in the hopes of finding a jelly bean. ("yuck!" says Nero "its another educational puzzled").
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Remember spring is here!

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Anonymous said...

I loved reading your story on Easter day!!! I loved the ending also about Nero finding a plastic egg a few mothns later!!!! To cute.. TAUSHA~