Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trip to the most beautiful place

I have been MIA for a couple of weeks and have to apologize for ignoring the blog. As I told you last post, I was in the Dominican Republic with a medical mission called Somos Amigos. This group goes 2-3 times per year to one campo in DR, Naranjito, about 2 hr drive from Santiago in the mountains. For 3.5 days, the doctors, dentists and other volunteers see 600+ patients, more than half of which have access to no other medical care. In contrast to many other medical missions, Somos Amigos goes only to Naranjito, and the local people in this village see Somos Amigos as their own community service project. It is a partnership between the Dominicans in the area and the volunteers.
The new church is a central part of Naranjito. The clinic is across the "street", and the school is next door.
The views are spectacular. Everywhere you look in Naranjito you think its the best view of all.
Most of the homes have flowers planted to make it even more beautiful.
The last thing we did before leaving Naranjito was to pose as a group in front of the mission. Many of this group will return in October for the next trip.
Oh look, another beautiful view!
Check back tomorrow when I will describe my "commute" to work in Naranjito.