Friday, June 26, 2009

Bubba Gump is the Best

Is there anything more fun, more gratifying to a rabbit breeder than to win Best in Show with a rabbit that is home bred?  Sure there is--winning Best in Show twice  and Breeders Best all in one day!  Congratulations are due to Jenny Henderson and her gorgeous Fuzzy Lop Buck, Bubba Gump, who took all the honors in Napa, CA last weekend.
Bubba, Jenny and judge, Leslie Tucker.
Bubba, Jenny and judge, Keelyn Hanlon.

Bubba was also the Best of Breed youth Fuzzy Lop at the 2008 ARBA Convention in Louisville, KY.  In fact for those of you who attended, you may remember his "performance" on the Convention Best is Show table.  Bubba really enjoyed the process and spent his time out of the coop trying to hop around the show table and visit the other rabbits!  Great rabbit and great job Jenny!