Monday, February 8, 2010

Neither rain nor snow will stop us...well maybe snow

The first weekend of February is a big show weekend in the rabbit fancy world. I missed it all. I was in Indiana for a Board of Trustees meeting at Hanover College. I actually missed that too. I combine these trips with visits to family so Saturday morning I woke up to 5 in of snow. That's hardly a blizzard but it was too much for a small rental car to drive a few miles down a curvy hilly country road to the highway. So instead I spent a nice cozy day knitting with my mom.

In Pennsylvania, there is a huge show the first weekend in February. I heard it was held but started late. Did any of our Fuzzy Lops and their exhibitors make it to the show? Let us hear your stories of Snowmageddan and fuzz!

In California, there were no worries at all of snow. A very nice show was held in Stockton. Winning in the open and youth Fuzzy Lop shows was distributed nicely to several people including Bob & Kelley Tapp, Susie Cederloff, Christina Gillett, and Jenny Henderson. But the big winner is below. New exhibitor Julia won Best in Show with her American Fuzzy Lop senior doe. Congratulations ladies!

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