Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just sit still, will ya?

I have a "crop" of young Fuzzy Lop bucks growing up in my barn and decided it was time to take a few photos. The camera was charged, the little boys groomed (well as good as little boys can be groomed!), and I was ready. Below are the best of about 50 pictures that I took. Those little guys are fast!
AK's Keenan hunkers down to the table, sure that I am going to do something awful to him.

AK's Bryce strikes a pose (good boy!).

AK's Reno shows us how its done.
AK's Flyboy revs up his motor and gets ready to wing away...put those ears down kiddo.

It really does take two people to get decent photos of junior Fuzzies. Good luck at the shows and good luck with your juniors.

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msrabbits said...

Love these pics Carol!! Thanks for sharing them. You really have some cute jr bucks. Really enjoyed Monterey.