Monday, May 2, 2011

Warm weather = power washing


  So why are all the rabbits loaded up in transport cages?  Sure its nice outside, but they would rather be in their normal cages, eating and relaxing on a warm weekend day.

Do you think something is happening in the barn that we should investigate?IMG_0967

It is time for spring cleaning, one of those days that we both love and hate.  It is a huge job, and best done with lots of help.  First everything is removed from the barn—rabbits, tables, feeders, and assorted junk that accumulated over the past 6 months.IMG_0964  Next, the wool is burned off with a hand held torch.  This doesn’t remove all the wool, but it helps. A broom and shop vac are used to clean the light fixtures, walls and rafters.  The biggest step and most time is spent with the power washer.  It takes at least two times over the cages, and heavy work with wire brushes to clean everything.  IMG_0969

Eight hours later, the Fuzzies are all back in their cages, fed and water.  The trays may still have a few stains that collected over the years, but the cages are clean and fresh smelling!  Ready for the summer now.

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