Monday, June 13, 2011

Fuzzies go to school

Rabbits, children and science.....mix those three things together and you have a successful Science Day prsentation for kindergarten classes.

I took six different rabbits with me--two Fuzzies, one Jersey wooly, two young Netherland Dwarfs and a Thrianta. All were picked because I thought they would be tolerant of poking and prodding! I talked to the kids about the many uses for rabbits, what they eat, and how the babies tend to look like their parents. When I asked what rabbits eat, the answer was always "Carrots!". The kids were great though at sitting in their chairs and holding up their hands to ask questions. It helped that the teacher warned me that their attention span was "8 mins"!

Rabbits and the "teacher" were tired when the day was done!

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