Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Welcome! Starting October 13, watch for posts describing the Fuzzy Lop activities at ARBA Convention in Grand Rapids, MI. We will try to post daily during Convention and then regularly after to keep AFLRC members and Fuzzy Lops everywhere in touch. See you soon!


Sandi & Alexis Meadows - Bunnies of the Meadows said...

This is great, especially since we are sadly not going to be able to make convention this year ;-( Look forward to your posts, pic's also maybe?


Mary Henderson said...

Good luck to everyone and have a safe trip with your bunnies.
Mary & Jennifer Henderson in Santa Clara, CA

Susie said...

Love the new blog... =)

Wooly World Rabbitry
N. California

Lisa Sanders said...

Have FUN FUN FUN. I look forward to all the information from convention that I sadly (sniff, sniff) can't go to.