Tuesday, October 9, 2007

getting ready

Today will be hectic around here. I took the rabbits out for the Vet checks yesterday. We have to have health certificates to fly out of Portland and into Detroit.
For all the talk about health certificates we are lucky that we have a vet who charges us 20 bucks per 6 rabbits on the sheet. He checks for bad noses, runny eyes and runny poop. Then he has to sign it with cold and heat temps that rabbits can handle.
So there is another chore out of the way.....I left my kitty "Joker" to be neutered so have to go pick him up this morning. Another chore out of the way!
I will bring the kennel in today and start configuring where everything will go. My suitcase is full of club stuff so hope I can fit some clothes in there.
We have to be at the airport at 4:15 AM on Friday for a 6:15 flight which means no sleep on Thursday.....
I hope we can keep all of our members up to date with this blog right from the Convention and you can experience all the fun with us as we go through the week.....so stay tuned!!

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