Saturday, October 20, 2007

Its over except for the unpacking

Thursday was check out day from Convention--always a sort of controlled chaos, as everyone tries to vacate the building at approximately the same time. I had to leave early to make a 1:30 pm flight from Chicago. Apparently the show committee had some problems with electricity and check out packet printing the night before, so things were just a bit more chaotic than usual. But Betty C and I made it out with all our rabbits and arrived in Chicago ~2 hr early. We had a bit of a tussle with the Delta ticket agent who thought he needed to charge us both a excess baggage fee for the kennels and a "pet fee" which would have caused us to pay twice for the rabbits! Fortunately (for the Delta guy), a more experienced agent convinced him that our receipts indicating we were fully paid were correct.

There are so many memorable images from Convention. Photos of the class winners will soon be posted on the AFLRC website and published in Fuzzy Tales.

Be sure to comment if you like the blog. By the way, Muriel's computer is currently in "intensive care" so you are stuck with me, until she gets back online.

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