Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More fun when we do it together

Rabbit shows and especially ARBA Convention are for competition, but shows are also a time for friends and people. Below are some of the great teams I saw at this year's Convention in Grand Rapids.

This is the #1 team of this Convention! They are the breeders and owners of the minisatin that won open Best in Show. You may know that at ARBA Convention all breeds are divided into four groups and the best of each group is selected by four different judges. Then one more judge selects the best of the four groups winners. This young couple were also the owners/breeders of a black havana that won its group as well, so 50% of the group winners on the table for ARBA Convention Best in Show were theirs! This is going to be a Convention that will be hard to beat for them! (Sorry I didn't get the name but they are from the mid-west).

Here's Deb L and Muriel K on show day at Convention. They were the team keeping judging on track with Jeff Jewett, one of our judges. I missed getting a photo of the other team, with Greg West. Kathi C, Margaret W, and Kay P worked hard with him all day to get the Fuzzy Lops judged.

Here's a team that works well together--Dennis and Cindy D. Cindy shows the rabbits and Dennis clowns around! Actually he does a lot more than that. One morning at Convention, I saw him cleaning rabbits coops for Cindy while she was taking care of other things. You gotta love a man like that!

Rob and Paula G are a true show team. They have been showing Fuzzy Lops from the "beginning" or close to it. And they have served AFLRC in so more ways--as officers of the club, sweepstakes chair, webmaster. In fact, its rare to get a photo of both of them together like this--look they're relaxing! Thanks for everything, Rob and Paula!

Pictured below are McKenna and Janice F, a mother-daughter team from OR, with Morgan T of WI. There is something extra special in my mind about parents and their kids together at rabbit shows. My rabbit habit started out as a 4-H project for Kendall, then spread like a bad cold to Adam, and soon the whole family was traveling to shows all over. For the Frantz family, Mckenna does the work, but Janice (who placed great in the youth contests by the way) provides the support and gas money to go to the shows. By the way, Morgan is another youth whose parents are as committed to the rabbits as she is!

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