Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We Live!

Sorry for missing a few days of posts. We ran into those elusive "technology problems" and lack of time.

Judging of Fuzzies was Monday. Pictured are the BOB winners--Brian Hartzell with a solid senior buck in open and Sarah Hardy with a broken senior buck in youth. Congratulations to both!
Open winners
SSB Brian Hartzell, BOV, BOB
SSD non member
SJB non member
SJD Brian Hartzell. BOSV, BOSB
BSB non member, BOV
BSD Dawn Guth, BOSV
BJB Brian Hartzell
BJD Rob & Paula Grady
SSB Morgan Towell, BOV
SSD Sarah Hardy, BOSV, BOSB
SJB Alex Schutz
SJD Bradley Hicks
BSB Sarah Hardy BOV, BOB
BSD Taylor Bailey
BJB Jamie Fry
BJD Taylor Bailey, BOSV

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