Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaccckk

Ok computer seems to be fixed so will tell you about our exciting trip home from Convention ...well not really.
We had to drive into Detroit with the enormous fear of getting lost. Janice (Frantz) was reading the reverse of the mapquest directions that we used to get to Grand Rapids. It was a little trickier than anticipated but we made it!! Plus this silly storm was looming and all we wanted to do was get out of town.
Rabbits were piling up in the airport and we were pretty close to the first ones there so were able to get ours through before the workers started getting annoyed. As Carol said it is a circus because people stop you and talk and point and laugh and ask questions. When we were coming in on Friday one lady pointed to my kennel and said "look at all those puppies!"
When we finally got home it was a relief that the bunnies were with us that is always a huge sweat.....
There is a cool gift shop in Salt Lake City and I had time to shop so that was also a plus.
I always say I'm never flying with rabbits again and then I do it the next year!
So we will see if I stick to my guns.
We have our last show of the year on November the 3rd so already this morning I had bunnies out and going over them. Boy I think I'm sick of looking at rabbits!!

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