Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The bar has been raised

Banquet time:Photo 1, Sarah Hardy and Amy Arata; photo 2, Ginger Mendat and Helen Moore; photo 3, Muriel Keyes, Janice and Mckenna Frantz with Public Museum (site of banquet on other side of river); photo 4, Morgan Towell and Dad; photo 5, Molly English and Kay Pettengill; photo 5, Carlos Iglesias.
Enjoy all the pictures at the banquet.....we had a beautiful setting and the sun was shining so it was a little bright for us crossing the bridge!!
Today was hectic with last minute bunny buying and selling .....the booth had to be completely taken apart today so on top of everything else it had to be packed up by 6PM.
Anyway back to the banquet, it was a dandy with a free tour of the museum for those who could stay. Michigan has raised the banquet bar and it will be hard to top this one. The food was also very good. After we ate we went into a little theater to do the auction and awards it was so wonderful to not have to move through tables. We had a podium and microphone so everybody could hear and see what was going on.
Carol had some knitted socks that went for 50 dollars so it was a lively auction.
The next National show will be in ....drum roll....Pueblo Colorado the last week end in April.
Muriel and Carol

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