Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall coats....and other stuff.....

We got home from dinner this evening the the basset hounds had eaten a bad of potatoes! I don't know what that will do to a dog but OH WELL. Nobody seems to be sick from it.
When I was down at Alameda Fair Carol and I bought English Budgies. I named mine "Dr Bob" after the guy who belongs to the Budgie Association and sells these at the fair. While I was gone Dr Bob got out because his cage opened fully in the front. I finally bought him a new cage this evening . If you have ever seen an English Budgie they are HUGE. I call them keets on steroids! When I brought him home and put him and his cage next to my parakeets they were looking over at him thinking "that is one big brother" ......
I was looking at the pictures Carol just posted. Deb and I look like a commercial for AFL outer wear!
We have one more show this year and then we are done till the big show that our local club does in January. This show is always a challenge because people have been cooped up all winter and they either attend happily or grumpy. My show partner Diana was the superintendent one year and she had to settle a half hour dispute over the placement of a chair....
I was out grooming and I noticed that NOW my rabbits have pretty awesome coats. Late fall around here is when you see the best of coats on the table.... But then I can't complain we showed 3 whole bunnies in Grand Rapids and placed two not bad odds I guess.
I thought this year was very very competitive! Wow there were alot of nice rabbits this year.
Even the rabbits that placed out of the top 10 were good.
And how bout that Jersey Wooly auction? Did you ever see so many rabbits in an auction in your life? We used to do an AFL auction and people have asked about it. Does anybody think that might be worth trying again? We do the trio now every year but would an auction be beneficial?

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Shari said...

Yes-I think an auction at convention and perhaps at Nationals too would benefit not only breeders, but the AFLRC too.

My other two breeds - HL and ND have auctions at convention and nationals and they are very successful.