Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grand Rapids Convention Best in Show

In the past few years, each Convention group has tried to top the last in presenting the best in show. Prior to the 2002 Convention in San Diego, Best in Show was a "stand around the judging table, with the awards on a trash can" sort of affair. But in San Diego, best in show was turned into an Event with a capital "E", including seating and judging set up for all to view.

The Grand Rapids convention aimed to really go over the top this year. They hired a professional entertainer, an illusionist and motivational speaker, to be the announcer, which was a nice touch. (Although once or twice, we wondered if the illusionist could make the motivational speaker part of himself disappear!). Video cameras were focused on the judges and projected the rabbits on huge screens so everyone could see. The breeds were divided into 4 groups and then the youth and open BOB winners were judged at the same time, one group at a time.

The photo above shows the English Angora and American Fuzzy Lop, open and youth winners waiting outside for Best in Show judging. From left to right: Colin (NY), Betty (CA), Sarah (OH) and Brian (OH). Colin's beautiful English Angora was selected for youth Best in Show. Congratulations on such a prestigious win!

The open Best in Show rabbit was a Mini Satin. Thank you to Betty C for the photos.


AnnG said...

Carol and Muriel I have thoroughly enjoyed your blogging from convention, makes me feel like I am there - almost! Beautiful rabbits and a lot of great people having a fun time. Hope your trip was as exciting as it appeared and thanks again!

AnnG said...

Oh, also, why is everyone sitting on the floor? Didn't they have chairs?

Carol said...


They are sitting on the floor outside the auditorium waiting for their group to be called in. All of us in the audience had nice comfy chairs!