Sunday, January 6, 2008

Forever young

Have you ever noticed how special certain Fuzzy Lops are? One of our favorites at the "hoploppitry household" has always been the guy featured in this post, AK's Lassen (LT11). Lassen was born December 29, 1998. He was in one of our first Fuzzy Lop litters. As he grew into the fluffy little junior buck pictured above, we thought he had promise and might be a "keeper". At four weeks, his ears were doing a helicoptor impression but he was short and compact, smooth and round. When he was ~5 mo old, he won Reserve in Show at a small open show.

In his prime, Lassen was beautiful (see above). He was seldom in a molt, so his wool almost always looked clean, dense and even. When on the show table, Lassen had a presence. It may seem silly, but it was as if he enjoyed the attention. His show career spanned more than 5 years. Eventually his sons started beating him regularly so it was time to stay home. Altogether he won 67 Grand Champion legs, including 8 Best in Show wins. Three of his BIS were at open shows, winning over more than 1000 rabbits in each!

At 10 years old, Lassen still lives in our barn and begs head rubs daily. The photo above was taken today and you can see that he still is a good lookin' Fuzzy Lop. I have been wondering to what I should attribute his long life. It must be largely good genetics and luck, but I would rather think its because he has a positive attitude and Lassen knows he is well loved!

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Susie said...

Lassen is quite gorgeous, saw him at the summer show, it's amazing how young he looks. The first time I saw him was Summer show 2006, I was told how famous he was, "How old is he?" I asked, "About 8." I thought I wouldn't see him in his strong beauty, but he was gorgeous, and quite a attension lover. =P