Thursday, January 17, 2008

It Really Doesn't Matter who Wins

This happened one Saturday in January. Let me clarify this for you all. On January 12th in Perry, GA 4 fuzzy breeders showed up to compete. What is interesting about this meeting is that the rabbits were mostly related. This fall I purchased a number of show quality rabbits from Kim Roberts. Kim was planning to sell out at that time. Being new to fuzzies, I needed to purchase high quality animals to be the foundations of my developing line. This is how the two of us met.

Long story short, my daughter and I and Kim and her mother ended up at the same show. I brought some of the rabbits that I had purchased from Kim, and Kim brought some rabbits out of the rabbits I had purchased. When the judging was complete, mommas and babies and daddies and cousins took top honors. It was thrilling for me to see a few of the offspring from the rabbits I had purchased. I could see the traits that were passed along from the breedings Kim had done. It was also nice for Kim to see the bunnies she had sold were in good health and still competing on the show table. It was nice to see what she had worked on was continuing.

What makes this even more interesting is that Kim had gotten her fuzzies the same way I had. Someone else was selling out, and Kim had purchased many of the exact same bunnies that I recently bought from her. Doing a little research, we figured out that a few of the bunnies had been owned by a couple other people before the two of us. I wonder sometimes when exhibitors are admiring others’ bunnies, if they stop to think that somewhere in the pedigree their own name might be there? I know that I appreciate the hard work that those before me have done. Without it I would not have the chance to be involved with the wonderful American Fuzzy Lop.

Results for Jan. 12th Perry, GA

Show A

BOB Broken Senior Doe – Jennifer Burns
BOS Solid Senior Buck – Jennifer Burns

Show B

BOB Solid Senior Buck – Kim Roberts
BOS Solid Senior Doe – Jennifer Burns

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