Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wool Galore

Rabbit shows are generally held as stand-alone events, but some times they are combined with fairs. In July, we had another option when we held three specialty shows for Angoras, Jersey Woolys, and American Fuzzy Lops at a fiber festival, Lambtown USA in Dixon, CA. In case you aren't familiar with fiber festivals, its an event for all things wooly--lots of lamb to eat, sheep to admire (while being judged), fleece to buy, spinning contests and more. Other wooled animals are usually included too like alpacas, angora goats (that produce mohair) and of course, wooled rabbits.

Setting up the rabbits in the coops for judging.

You may know Allen M and Randy S for their rabbits and judging, but they are equally accomplished with their angora goats, which produce mohair. Here is Allen carding mohair locks at his booth where he is selling his fleece. Some potential buyers are examining sheep fleece and considering a purchase. These are hard core fiber addicts who will wash the fleece, process and hand spin it into wool for knitting or weaving.

Ah yes, and Tausha demonstrates one more aspect of the fiber festival--eating! There was great food ranging from the traditional corn dog to rice bowls with lamb in teriyaki sauce. Yum!

Show results:

Randy S, judge: BOB, Broken sr buck, A & C Green; BOSB, Solid sr doe, A & C Green

Allen M, judge: BOB, Solid sr doe, A & C Green; BOSB, Broken sr buck, A & C Green

Carol G, judge: BOB, Broken sr buck, J Henderson; BOSB, Solid jr doe, B & K Tapp