Thursday, July 24, 2008

You Otter be in Pictures

At the ARBA Convention this October in Louisville, the otter variety will be presented to the Standards committee by Marilyn K of WI for consideration. The process for getting a new variety recognized by ARBA is long and difficult, to assure that only varieties which breed true and are of high quality are accepted. If Marilyn's presentation passes this year, she will need to present (and pass) at least two more times. The earliest that otter Fuzzies would be recognized for show would be February 2011.

But don't give up! Otter Fuzzy Lops are really very handsome, as shown by the cute junior black otter buck pictured above (from Nate B in Utah). Most of us don't have the room or money to keep large numbers of unrecognized varieties, but otters will be accepted in Fuzzies if we work on the variety and support their acceptance.
How is that for a nice big head! This good lookin' fellow lives in California with Carol G.
Blue otters will also be included in working standard for otter Fuzzies. The buck pictured above lives in IA with Deb L.
The latest issue of FT reprints articles about breeding otter Fuzzies and the genetics involved. Look it over and be sure to support Marilyn's efforts to get this variety recognized.