Thursday, July 3, 2008

And the winners are.....

Want to see pretty Fuzzy Lops?  Below are photos of the winners from the summer show in California.  Judges were Carol G (Show A), Valerie U (Show B), and Michelle S (Show C).  Open shows had ~60 Fuzzies and youth ~12 Fuzzies.

Youth show B BOS winner is this pretty girl, owned by Jennifer H, bred by Bob & Kelley T.  
Open Show A BOS was Christina G's broken black buck, Spencer.  This was his retirement show!  Way to go out with a bang!
Youth Show A and C BOS was won by this doe, owned by Jennifer H.
In open, Lani and Shirley B's beautiful broken tort doe won BOB in Show A and BOS in Shows B and C.  It was worth the drive, right Shirley?

Open BOB winner in Show B and C was won by Adam & Carol G's solid sable point buck, AK's Brigham.
Youth BOB winner in all three shows was this broken buck owned and bred by Jennifer H.

Congratulations to all!