Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The sixth annual summer show hosted by High Flying Fuzzies took place on Saturday, June 28.  This show started out for Fuzzy Lops only as a high school graduation request by Adam G.  Before he left for college, Adam wanted to get together with his "rabbit" friends.  Two years later, we added Angoras to the show and now this year, Jersey Woolys were included and the show became a triple.  Judges were the mother/daughter team of Valerie U and Michelle S of WA, and Carol G of CA.  

Michelle is judging an angora with Betty C watching in the background.

A big part of this show is the chance for friends to hang out and just relax in the lovely environment.  Christina G and Katie R give a big smile for the camera.  
French angoras lined up for judging,

Carol G judges Fuzzy Lops.  She seemed to know what she was doing!
The pool was empty for awhile but by afternoon it was full of kids and others who wanted to cool off.

Check in tomorrow for photos of the winners and more.