Sunday, January 18, 2009

In need of mittens

Last post, I told you how to make yarn from your Fuzzy Lop wool. Well this post should provide patterns for making mittens, hats, scarfs, and more to keep warm. Much of the country is unbelievable cold and snowy. Muriel K says a tree is down in her front yard and its COLD (she lives in Oregon where bad weather is generally held off by the Pacific Ocean.) Sherry C sends the photos in this post from Michigan. At least we expect winter weather in January in Michigan.

Below is a lovely coconut cake on a platter. No? Maybe you are right. That must be something else. Read on to see what Sherry has to say:

"The coconut cake on a stand is actually my taller birdbath about 15-18" standing on the ground. And the windchill is so low it could freeze a dog to a hydrant...-26 windchill yesterday! Needless to say the pet goose in in the garage and is so used to the trip through the kitchen she will walk it by escape cat dove out the open door today to chase a sparrow and when he hit the snow he literally flew back inside. Well, I should go down to the mailbox, but I'm having trouble motivating myself...those of you who have been here understand...those who have not my trip to the mailbox is a long walk! Keep warm and pray for us in MI to get some warmer air!"

All of us who live in the heat wave part of the country (its 70 deg in California today) are thinking of those of you who are in the new ice age. Stay inside (except when you have to feed and water animals), snuggle under the blankets and think warm thoughts.