Monday, February 23, 2009

Its just my job, ma'am

So its time to go to a rabbit show. Does rain stop us? No way! Does traffic stop us? Of course not! Does getting lost stop us? Just slows us down. And its a good thing too. The rabbit show held Sunday in Santa Maria, CA was very fun. Santa Maria is known for its tri-tip barbeque. If you haven't had tri-tip then you need to "tri" it.

But the show wasn't about food, it was rabbits and friends. Our favorite Fuzzy Lop judge, Allen M is picking Best of Breed in Show A.

Our new friend, Cole, is showing off his fuzzy friend who licks him like a puppy. Aren't Fuzzies (and little kids) just the cutest.
Carol G and her Fuzzy Lop, AK's Graham are beaming because Graham was picked Reserve in Show. See that cool plaque? Its has the logo picture for the upcoming ARBA Convention in San Diego. I can hardly wait to see the Convention awards.
Aw shucks, says Graham. I know I'm gorgeous. Its just my job.
Be sure to send more pictures and show reports to me (or you will just have to see my pictures over and over again!)