Monday, October 12, 2009

Make a guess

Convention entries are still open for additions. So you have time to put more charges on your credit card and enter just one or two or.....more Fuzzy Lops. How many Fuzzies do you predict will be entered in the ARBA Convention in Del Mar? Leave a comment or send an email to me at hoploppitryatyahoodotcom (you know how to convert that email don't you? Read it and you will figure it out.). Leave your guess for the total number of open and youth American Fuzzy Lops by midnight tonight, October 12, for a chance to win a wonderful something at Convention. (Actually if you send the email to me before I wake up tomorrow morning that is soon enough! I won't be up at midnight making sure your email gets in under the wire.) This is not a joke--there will be a prize!