Friday, October 9, 2009

What's in a name?

How do you name your rabbits? Some exhibitors have a theme, e.g. all Shakespeare characters or only the names of cars. Some use names that start with a certain letter, and then some of us run out of names and get tired of the effort so just call their show rabbits by their tatoo.

I give my rabbits names and I have a very exacting system -- "WOD" (whim of the day). Some Fuzzies just look like a "Tate" or "Lassen" or "Mollie" to me, so that's the name on the pedigree.

For example, below is AK's Vane. When I was trying to name her, I had just seen the movie "Stardust" (2007; watch it, if you haven't seen it. Fantastic! It is right up on my favorite movie list under "Princess Bride"). The female protagonist of Stardust is a star that has fallen to earth. She is beautiful, and has a certain attitude (well she is a star after all). She's found by a simple, handsome farm boy and the story (love story of course) continues from there in ways you can't predict. So what is her name? Yvaine. When I saw the little tort doe, I saw a star and a whole lot o'attitude, so her name became "Vane".

Last weekend, Vane lived up to the promise I had seen when she was little. She won Best in Show at Santa Rosa, CA! RBIS was Betty C's English Angora doe, Susie, and the judge was Manual H.
We are all looking foward to the ARBA Convention in a few weeks!