Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't stop believing

Guest blogger Nate B reports:

Burb's Cease Fire (G.C. Burb's Ta Dah x Burb's LER) is pictured above. He was a double BOB winner and double RIS winner at the Eastern Idaho RBA show on 2.12.2011. The judges were Cathy Armstrong, Allan Ormond and Lawrence Weeks.

Cease Fire is a 7 month old buck who is just now coming out of his "uglies" stage. Many times, several breeders told me to cull him. For once, I took the advice of a wise mentor who always says that this is a breed that requires a lot of patience ... they get better as they get older.

Anyway, I am glad I kept Cease Fire and look forward to more shows with him.

Thanks for the wise counsel Carol.

Thank you, Nate for the reminder. I have some really ugly juniors right now with ears straight, long bodies and thin wool. When I look at them I try to see them as 4 week old babies. Ahhh much better!

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