Wednesday, April 20, 2011

AFLRC National Show Recap

IMG_0880The National show weekend started out looking like this and I really wanted to give you minute-by-minute updates this year.  But once that train started rolling, there was no time to write or post to a blog. 


Here is my first view of the mountains with snow as I head west to Reno.  (Yes, I did take this photo while driving, but I did not talk on my phone at the same time!).

By now many of you have heard who won but nothing tells the story better than photos. 


Our judges were Deb Dyer-Pagel and Kevin Stanford.  There were 46 American Fuzzy Lops shown in youth and the winners were:

  • Solids
    • Senior buck Ella Todd
    • Senior doe  Hayley Cowles, BOV and BOSB
    • Junior buck Sarah Compton, BOSV
    • Junior doe Dalton Kelman
  • Brokens
    • Senior buck Madison Todd, BOV and BOB
    • Senior doe Hayley Colwes, BOSV
    • Junior buck Madison Todd
    • Junior doe  Dalton Kelman
  • Best wool Dalton Kelman
  • Best display Dalton Kelman


In open there were 152 Fuzzies shown.  The results were:

  • Solids
    • Senior buck, Shari Albrecht, BOSV
    • Senior doe, Carol & Kendall Green, BOV
    • Junior buck, Nate & Stuart Burbidge
    • Junior doe, Nate & Stuart Burbidge
  • Brokens
    • Senior buck, Shari Albrecht, BOV and BOB
    • Senior doe, Valerie Uptagraft & Michelle Uptagraft-Smith
    • Junior buck, Lisa Davis & Tim
    • Junior doe, Kathy Nicholls, BOSV and BOSB

Congratulations to the winners!

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