Monday, April 11, 2011

National Show Entry Deadline!

Its time, its time—April 11!  Send your entries, via email to Nate B at today.  This is the deadline.  No kidding. We need to give Nate time to get the show entries in the program, print the cards and coop labels.  So sit down and send ‘em now! 


So far the numbers of rabbits entered looks very good and we are anticipating exhibitors from all over the country.  But when you sit down to enter, don’t hesitate to add just a few more.  The exhibitor who enters the most rabbits in Nationals wins one night’s hotel fee ($89).  Plus if you are traveling, you can win one night’s hotel fee for coming the most miles to Nationals.  We want to see the faces of some of our distant friends!

What about the awards for Nationals?  Just fantastic.  The quilts are gorgeous.  In fact, all the awards are really very nice.  The theme is “western” but also handmade.  You won’t believe how talented our fellow rabbit friends are!


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