Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Basket of Babies

There are few things as exciting as your first litter of Fuzzy Lops (well the second, third and fortieth are close!).  After just celebrating the arrival of the litter, the next fun part is to figure out what varieties are in the nestbox.  Since we have so many torts, its not usually that difficult.  But some of the lighter colors can be more challenging.  For example, I have thought I had a ruby eyed white (REW) kit until the eyes opened and the wool started growing and I realized it was probably a blue point.  Experience also helps a lot.  I recently had an email conversation with a new exhibitor/breeder who wasn’t sure whether her sable point juniors were solid or broken.  My suggestion—let’s look at the photos of young kits before the wool grows in.  Watch these Fuzzies grow:








So what varieties are in these two litters?  Its one broken tortoise shell, two REWS and two solid sable points.  Beautiful!

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D Minger said...

Besides the beautiful pictures, what a great learning tool.