Monday, April 14, 2008

Steers, Rabbits, Cowboys--OH MY!

The past two weekends there were rabbits at a historic site in South San Francisco. The Cow Palace is well known for many events but one of the most long standing is the Grand National Rodeo and Livestock show. The first weekend of the show was devoted to the rodeo and standard livestock show. I judged the single fryers and meat pens so had a great time.
The second weekend there were two all breed rabbit shows, and now is when it gets interesting for the Fuzzy Lop folks. The big news is that out of four shows, Jennifer Henderson and her gorgeous solid senior buck, Waffles, took Best in Show for the youth two out of four times.
Congratulations to Jenny and Waffles!
I'm posing with the Reserve Champion

Winner of the Champion meat pen!

Jennifer and Waffles with their lovely new carrier.