Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We are getting ready

There is a lot to do before Nationals. Muriel is sorting out the show paperwork. If you did not enter the specialty show on Sunday, but you still want to enter, there is time.
Give Muriel your entries for the Sunday specialty on Friday night. She has to have all ear tattoo changes and show entries by the time the show room closes Friday. Otherwise she will be cranky and believe me, we don't want that! At least I don't want it; I'm sharing a hotel room with her.

Also some of you entered Nationals but did not order a banquet ticket. You can also pay for your banquet ticket once you get to the show but don't forget to do it. The banquet is a wonderful time to relax, enjoy friends, and collect those awards.

So what have I been doing? Well last night I bought a new snazzy laptop computer, , but that doesn't have much to do with Nationals since I probably won't receive it before I leave. I also took photos of a few Fuzzies that I am bringing to sell. I have seen discussion on some of our lists on how to take good pictures of rabbits. It is a challenge! My first rule is, if at all possible, take photos outside. Natural lighting works the best. For these pictures, it was a bit darker than I like, but I used Photoshop to improve the lighting and color of the pictures. There is a perfect time for pictures outside, in mid-morning or mid-afternoon. You want to avoid too many shadows as well as dull lighting and colors.

Next question is how to you make the rabbits sit still. You don't! Just take lots and lots of shots until you get a good one. I wish I had the magic answer--sometimes blowing on their faces helps or picking the rabbit up and then setting it down, focus and hit the shutter release QUICK.

Broken junior buck, AK's Boomer. Nationals will be his first show, but he's ready!

How about a head shot? This is another broken junior buck, AK's Deacon

AK's Aimee knows how to show her stuff! She's a broken senior doe, who will be going home to Utah with Nate B.