Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Show Day!

Judging started about 9 am on Saturday morning. Since there were about 40 Fuzzies entered in youth and 140 in open, we didn't need to hurry. Kevin Stanford, AZ, started off with the youth rabbits.

While Allen Mesick, CA, examined and placed the open Fuzzy Lops.
The set-up of the show room was great so that it was very easy to watch both the youth and open judging at the same time. Results of the youth show are below:

BOB Karli Zwade, broken jr doe
BOSB Matthew Holliday, solid sr buck

BOV --Karli Zwade, jr doe
BOSV--Matthew Holliday, sr buck

SSB -- M Holliday
SSD -- Sarah Hardy
SJB -- M Holliday
SJD -- K Zwade

BOV -- K Zwade, jr doe
BOSV -- K Zwade, sr buck

BSB -- K Zwade
BSD -- Theresa Walker
BJB -- M Holliday
BJD -- K Zwade