Thursday, May 1, 2008

So how did the big kids do?

The open exhibitors were showing rabbits at the same time as the youth but of course the show took a bit longer.  There were so many beautiful Fuzzy Lops at the show.  Our judge, Allen, said several times that all the gorgeous animals were making him miss his Fuzzy Lops.  We watched him more than once go back and forth to decide on the first few places.  

Here are the open show results.

BOB -- solid senior buck, Brian Hartzell
BOSB -- broken junior doe, Brian Harzell

BOV -- SSB, B Hartzell
BOSV -- SJD, Adam & Carol Green

SSB -- B Hartzell
SSD -- A & C Green
SJB -- B Hartzell
SJD -- A & C Green

BOV -- BJD, B Hartzell
BOSV -- BSB, B Hartzell

BSB -- B Hartzell
BSD -- A & C Green
BJB -- B Hartzell
BJD -- B Hartzell

Pictured above are the BOB and BOSB rabbits.  
Brian and Allen pose with the winning rabbits.

It was a great show.  Watch the AFLRC website for full results.