Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Noted ARBA Judge is Tough Wii Competitor

I don't know about anyone else, but once Nationals was over, I breathed a deep sigh, sat down in my comfy chair, and realized I better go complete an entry for a show the next weekend!  Yes, we are in the middle of heavy rabbit show season throughout the country.  

Tom K traveled to Utah the first weekend of May to judge a show there.  But we'll get to the show after this:

Yes, its a photo of Tom in heated competition with Stuart B playing a Wii game.  Boy that looks like fun.  Which of you was the winner?  Tom looks like he knows his way around a Wii (he has grandsons after all), but Stuart definitely has winning form!

And now for some rabbits.  Tom poses with the Best of Breed winner, a broken senior doe owned by Lou T and Nate B.  Beautiful rabbit!

Send photos and reports on other shows and Fuzzy Lop activities to me.  I know its that time of year.