Friday, May 16, 2008

Not fuzzy, not cute, but it rattles

Some of us live in rural areas, giving us room and freedom to pursue our animal related hobbies.  That makes for fewer human neighbors, but there are wildlife neighbors who are undesirable.  In the photo above, check out the visitor, Randy S and Allen M found at their house in the foothills of California.  Yikes!  A rattlesnake!  Fortunately no one was hurt (other than the snake) by this encounter.  

Are there other animals, especially predators that you have to contend with?  At my house, I hear coyotes nightly, but have never seen them come in close to the house.  When my daughter was little, she was sure there were "packs of wolves" outside waiting to jump on her.  The "predators" that cause me more problems are raccoons.  Both rabbits and chickens have to be closed up tight or raccoons will catch and devour them.

On that note, enjoy the summer but listen for rattles!