Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Age is just a number

Pet rabbit owners often ask "How long do rabbits live?" Well there's a wide range of life spans in humans and the same is true of rabbits. Some are old at 4 and others live to be 12. I remember a rabbit that lived in a 1st grade school room; he was 13 when he died. I guess all that attention from busy curious 6 year old kids kept him young.

When it comes to show rabbits, the question is often how long can a rabbit be successfully shown. Well that depends also! In general bucks have a longer show career than does, partly because we need the does to be producing the next generation, but also because American Fuzzy Lop bucks need some maturity to get the best head development. Senior bucks are typically at their show prime from 1.5 - 4 yr of age.

Look at this guy below. Its AK's Buckeye. This picture was taken about 2 weeks ago when I pulled him out of his cage and discovered he had found the fountain of youth. Buckeye is 6 years old! Buckeye looks good, feels good, and is doing all the things a young American Fuzzy Lop should be doing.

So Buckeye and I went to a rabbit show last weekend. He placed in the top 5 of his class and just generally stood up for old guys everywhere.

So don't forget to check those cages of your old favorites. They may be ready to make you proud on the show table one more time.