Monday, September 8, 2008

More lack of wool

When I posted the photos of my molting bucks, I got more responses than I ever have to a blog post. The typical email read "oh thank you thank you thank you for posting those pictures. I thought my rabbits were the only ones that looked so bad." Uh, glad to help, I guess. As they say misery loves company. Everyone is wondering what to do and when the rabbits will look good again. One suggestion came from an experienced Fuzzy Lop breeder, who says she is singing "grow grow grow you wool" (to the tune of Row your Boat) daily. Other suggestions included putting the bunnies in a dark corner and not looking at them, feeding them less, feeding them more, and regular grooming sessions. Although I have been tempted by the "close my eyes while feeding so I can't see the rabbits" option, I found that I was spilling too much food on the floor. Instead, we are going to look at these rabbits and decide, has there been any improvement?

So here is Camden. When last we left him, he had a bit of the unicorn look on his head and a lovely skirt of wool around the base. I think this is a thumbs up for improvement. He now has new wool, growing more or less evenly on the head, and nearly all the old wool has been plucked out.

Cadet is looking better too, although his wool is very uneven (see his sides). Both bucks were groomed with a blower today to get rid of loose wool, and a few spots of dead wool were plucked. Cadet also got another dose of Ivomec. Both are eating very well, so there is hope!