Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lady Benedict has a GOOD Weekend

A great show weekend that District 8 folks always look forward to was held last weekend in Ionia, MI. There were open and youth shows on Saturday and Sunday including a Lop-O-Rama on Sunday. Here are a bunch of friendly faces, those open Fuzzy Lop exhibitors having fun with the judge.

Cindy D and Dawn G pose with their winners from one show. (The showroom looks awesome by the way)

Jamie F also had a great weekend and is posing with one of her winning Fuzzy Lops.

Show A, Doug Covert, judge

Open: BOB, SSD, Dawn G; BOSB, SSB, Laura G.; Youth: BOB & BOSB, Jamie F.

Show B, Thomas Green, judge

Open: BOB, SSD, Dawn G; BOSB, BSB, Kathi C

Youth: BOB & BOSB, Jamie F

Sunday show, Theres Kristen, judge

Open: BOB, SSD, Dawn G; BOSB, SSB, Cindy D

Youth: BOB & BOSB, Jamie F

Lop-O-Rama, Gene Johnson, judge

Open: SSD, Dawn G; BOSB, Laura G, SSB

Youth: BOB & BOSB, Jamie F

Below is the photo of the "lady" of the weekend. Dawn's solid senior doe, Lady Benedict won BOB in all four shows. She also Best Four Class in show A by Molly Covert, Open Top Lop (Terry Fender, judge) and Overall Top Lop (Willis Plank). Jamie F had a great weekend with her Fuzzies also, winning BOB and BOSB in all four youth shows. Congratulations!

Now its almost time to hop on the Lop Bus and head south for the ARBA Convention. Bring those beautiful Fuzzies to Louisville in October.