Friday, February 18, 2011

A little help from a friend

Christina is a familiar face in California at the rabbit shows.  Actually she is a familiar face and name for AFLRC too.  She is now the District 2 director for the National club.  But don’t be surprised when you see Christina with her new assistant, Irving.  He’s a black lab, 2 years old, from Canine Companions for Independence.  Don’t Christina and Irving make a great team?


A little hug for her boy.


Nice profile, Irving!


Irving helps Christina open doors.


See you both soon!

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Nicole Schmitt said...

I am THRILLED for Christina (and Irving, too!). I'm Facebook friends with Christina & have greatly enjoyed the photos & posts following the process of getting Irving. I've found myself with "tears of joy" for her more than once while hanging out on her Facebook page! :) Can't wait to meet him, Christina!

-Nicole Schmitt