Friday, February 15, 2008

Lovin' the Heartland

Heartland Fuzzies held a specialty show on February 10 in Abilene, KS, with nearly 75 Fuzzies entered in open and youth. In the open show, the winning was spread around. Lindsay Brinson (above, looking at a broken class) won Best of Breed, while Rob and Paula Grady took BOSB. Raymond and Diana Horne also won BOSV broken with a senior buck. In youth, BOB and BOS were won by Jessica Harrington. Paula Grady reports that the open show had classes that were 13-15 deep. Everyone enjoyed the chance to visit and admire the nice rabbits. Chris Hederstedt and Rob Grady are taking comments during the show.
Time to chat--Raymond Horne and Annabell Ward take a break to catch up.
Jessica Harrington, youth winner, and Briony Barnes, judge for the show.
Looks like everyone had fun!

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