Thursday, February 21, 2008

See your name in print!

The next Fuzzy Tales deadline is approaching (March 1) and our editor, Charlcie, is collecting contributions. The Spring issue features the 2006-07 Fuzzy Lop of the Year and Herdsman of the Year winners. If you received a top ten placement last show season it is now time to brag a bit. Please send a photograph of your FLOY along with a few sentences describing why he/she is such a special Fuzzy Lop to Charlcie by March 1 (or let her know when you can get it to her). Also we need articles from the Herdsman of the Year winners, Brian Hartzell (open) and Alexis Meadows (youth). By the way if you don't remember whether or not your favorite Fuzzy was a FLOY, then go to the AFLRC website and look at last show seasons final standings:

Charlcie sent email reminders to some of you but we don't have the email contact information for others. Please send in your FLOY contributions so that we can all admire the beautiful Fuzzy Lops that are spread all across the country.

Don't be shy about sending in other articles to the newsletter either. If you have a good idea for an article but are thinking that we don't need it.....WRONG! Please help out and send your contributions.

You can contact Charlcie at her email: charlcie_gillATyahooDOTcom (be sure to change the "AT" and "DOT" to the appropriate symbol).

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