Monday, February 4, 2008

What the New England Patriots and Fuzzy Tales Have in Common

I'm not sure how many football fans there are who are AFLRC members, but based on the stats nearly everyone in the country watched the Super Bowl yesterday, right? Personally, basketball is more my game (not to play, but as a spectator), but even I thought that was a great football game. I couldn't really decide which team to support, but no problem. I cheered for the team that was behind, then as soon as they scored, I switched!

So the end result of yesterday was that the NE Patriots did not have a perfect season. One BIG loss spoiled a lot of work. Now they have to wait many months before the Patriots and Tom Brady can try again. Fortunately for AFLRC, Fuzzy Tales comes out quarterly, so we get another shot at perfection in just 2 more months.

The first Fuzzy Tales issue of 2008 had several errors and we all apologize. If your website listing was missed or you thought the open district sweeps results looked funny or the report of the treasury didn't add up, you are right. All of those features had mistakes. A big apology also goes out to the Albrecht family (Shari and Sam), whose son is named Hunter (not Forest). Please be patient with us. The next issue will be better. Possibly still not perfect, but then remember what Winston Churchill said: "To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often."

Contributions to Spring 2008 issue of the club newsletter, Fuzzy Tales, are due March 1. This will include 2006-07 Fuzzy Lop of the Year and Herdsman of the Year articles and photos. Send your articles and photos to the editor.

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