Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mini Convention of the North = Big Fun, Part I

Saturday Open show winners- judge Heather Litchfield holding BOB owned by Soren/Carlos
BOS - Soren/Carlos, BOV - Dawn Guth, BOSV - Steven Henderson
Julia Krout organizing her specialty show on Saturday put on by Patriot Fuzzies.

Saturday Specialty show winner- BOB - Ginger and Helen, BOS - Natilie Schellhamir with Judge Robert Frizzell

Fuzzy Lop exhibitors join for dinner and a night on the town after the show on Saturday!!!

Breeders traveled through rain, sleet and snow to show their fuzzies in Lebanon, Pa. on February 2 and 3rd! Over 11,000 rabbits were shown and more than 100 fuzzies in open in what has been called the mini-convention of the north! I look forward to traveling to the northern most part of our district 9 each year, when the weather permits. It has become a tradition.... the fun, people, and night out on the town being the biggest part of the tradition!

Big congratulations to all the winners and exhibitors!! Reported by Ginger Mendat

Check back tomorrow for photos from the second day of the show.

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