Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Black and white and slobbery all over

If there is one truth about those of us who are in the rabbit hobby, it's that we love all animals. Rabbits are just one among many. We have cats, or birds, or horses, or dogs.

Muriel K is no exception. She is getting a new puppy! He's a Boston Terrier. Name is yet to be determined but Ollie and Avery are in the running.

Look at these photos and just feel the puppy kisses!

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Burbidge Family said...

don't let Nate see those I will have to get one of those too!!! I believe that statement about rabbit breeders is true, if you can clean rabbits everyday you can pretty much take care of any animal!!! I just sit back and watch and help only when asked!!! Lisa (Nates wife)