Thursday, February 28, 2008

Whose Bright Idea was This?

That was a popular comment shared on an adventure which was headed for Perry, Georgia. Let me start from the beginning.

One friend called another and said, “I got an email and someone is selling out of fuzzies. I know you have wanted one of the bucks. What if we go down and get some bunnies?”

Friend Two says, “That’s a great idea. There is a show a few hours away from there. We can make a weekend of it and do both.”

Friend One, “Well, the catch is that we have to buy the whole herd.”

Friend Two, “Great, I will get the ear numbers from Seller and we can enter those bunnies too. That way we can get comments on them right away.”

Friend One, “What a great idea. There are two junior orange does, who is going to show which one?”

Friend Two, “I’ll take 18 and you take 20. They are litter mates so they should be about the same.”

Friend One, “Great idea.”

So now that you are caught up on how it started, let me share what happens next.

Friend One meets Friend Two at a Wendy’s off the highway. Friend One puts her 18 bunnies in the mini van with Friend Two’s 16 bunnies. Already packed were empty cages for the bunnies about to be purchased, feed, grooming supplies, water, chairs, and numerous suitcases along with one teenager. Off they went. Five hours later, they arrived at the rabbitry. Everything was unpacked, and 15 new bunnies were added to the caravan. Yes, you have calculated right. There are now 49 bunnies in the van along with numerous other bargains found at the closing rabbitry. You would think that would be funny enough except now Friend Two realizes that she does not have any empty holes at home to put these new bunnies in, and $75.00 for a 6 hole is such a steal.

Friend Two says, “If I back the van up to the rabbitry and use the steps, I think I can get the cages on top. Your husband gave me container of bungies. All I need is a big sheet of cardboard.”

(The cardboard is to lay down on the van so it won’t get scratched. You see, I forgot to mention that the van was just purchased 3 days before the trip. It would be hard to explain to the husband about how the scratches got up there!)

Friend One, a cardiac patient, says, “I can’t help you lift that!”

Continuing on, that is not a problem because father of Seller is more than happy to get that big stack of cages sold and finds the cardboard and helps strap it to the top. Away the van with three people, 49 bunnies, supplies, and a cage strapped to the top goes, head to the show!

Arriving to the show grounds late, there is only time to unload the van and feed the bunnies before things are locked up. The next morning, the friends get there first real look at what they have purchased and entered into the show. It goes something like this.

Friend One says, “I can’t show this doe, she has wool missing everywhere.”

Friend Two says, “Sure you can, just comb it over the bald spots.”

Friend One replies, “Every time I comb, I just make more bald spots. At this point, she doesn’t have any wool on her body or her head. Whose bright idea was this?”

Friend Two laughs, because she lucked into the good doe, and says, “It was yours!”

Needless to say there were lots of humorous comments from the judges and exhibitors that day. Finally the two friends head for the original Wendy’s where the husband of Friend One is waiting to meet us. One the way home, Friend One tells Friend Two that her husband is not aware that she has gone to purchase these extra bunnies. The story ends like this.

Friend Two says,”What are you going to tell him? Don’t you think he will notice that he is lifting more cages than he originally loaded?”

Friend One replies, “I was thinking he would be distracted by the huge cage strapped to the top of the van. While he is wondering how we got it up there, we would load the new bunnies into my van. As long as he knew he did not have to unload that big cage, he would be happy!”

Jennifer Burns

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Melancholy Remembrance

She started her show career with a bang ... and she ended it with a bang! Bastet’s Dahliah’s first time out as a Jr. at the Dover , OH show, Howard Keller picked her as Best of Breed and said he knew a special one when he saw it. She was very special. Dahliah had her first litter over the summer and like many first litters, it didn’t make it. She went on to win BOSV at the ARBA Convention in Grand Rapids . She took a BOV and a very close ALMOST BOB on Sat, 2/2/08 in Lebanon , PA. and a BOB in the very last show on Sun. 02/03/08 in Lebanon , PA. She was not quite two weeks bred at those four shows.

Dahliah was due today 2/22/08. I found her dead in her nest box last night upon my arrival home. It was my first experience at trying to save unborn kits and although neither of them made it, I think the whole process helped put my mind at rest. It appeared that one had died prematurely and had gone toxic on her. They hadn’t even descended into the birth canal.

This raising bunny thing can really be for the birds sometimes. It still amazes me what we do as parents for our fur babies in the time of need. To top it all off, there was a full moon last night and I was scheduled to breed again. I honestly was NOT in the mood. I kept reminding myself that ‘trials, temptations, disappointments -- all these are helps instead of hindrances, if one uses them rightly. They not only test the fibre of a character, but strengthen it. Every conquered temptation represents a new fund of moral energy. Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before.’ (*James Buckham) … and so I bred. And shortly later, Lady Balthazar kindled six, a day early. She was bred on a Full Moon and kindled on a Full Moon. I can’t WAIT to see how these turn out! The circle of life continues.

~ Dawn

Thursday, February 21, 2008

See your name in print!

The next Fuzzy Tales deadline is approaching (March 1) and our editor, Charlcie, is collecting contributions. The Spring issue features the 2006-07 Fuzzy Lop of the Year and Herdsman of the Year winners. If you received a top ten placement last show season it is now time to brag a bit. Please send a photograph of your FLOY along with a few sentences describing why he/she is such a special Fuzzy Lop to Charlcie by March 1 (or let her know when you can get it to her). Also we need articles from the Herdsman of the Year winners, Brian Hartzell (open) and Alexis Meadows (youth). By the way if you don't remember whether or not your favorite Fuzzy was a FLOY, then go to the AFLRC website and look at last show seasons final standings:

Charlcie sent email reminders to some of you but we don't have the email contact information for others. Please send in your FLOY contributions so that we can all admire the beautiful Fuzzy Lops that are spread all across the country.

Don't be shy about sending in other articles to the newsletter either. If you have a good idea for an article but are thinking that we don't need it.....WRONG! Please help out and send your contributions.

You can contact Charlcie at her email: charlcie_gillATyahooDOTcom (be sure to change the "AT" and "DOT" to the appropriate symbol).

Friday, February 15, 2008

Lovin' the Heartland

Heartland Fuzzies held a specialty show on February 10 in Abilene, KS, with nearly 75 Fuzzies entered in open and youth. In the open show, the winning was spread around. Lindsay Brinson (above, looking at a broken class) won Best of Breed, while Rob and Paula Grady took BOSB. Raymond and Diana Horne also won BOSV broken with a senior buck. In youth, BOB and BOS were won by Jessica Harrington. Paula Grady reports that the open show had classes that were 13-15 deep. Everyone enjoyed the chance to visit and admire the nice rabbits. Chris Hederstedt and Rob Grady are taking comments during the show.
Time to chat--Raymond Horne and Annabell Ward take a break to catch up.
Jessica Harrington, youth winner, and Briony Barnes, judge for the show.
Looks like everyone had fun!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Part II from Lebanon, PA

Helen, Amy Arata, Soren Johnson, & Ann Miller watching and hoping!
Charlene and Nancy Dubecki grooming & smiling!
Open show Sunday - Dawn Guth - BOB, Charlene Everette - BOS with judge Todd Narragon
Youth winner Stephanie Miller - BOB & BOS

North Atlantic Fuzzylop Specialty Club winners on Sunday were Dawn Guth - BOB, Soren & Carlos - BOS

Mini Convention of the North = Big Fun, Part I

Saturday Open show winners- judge Heather Litchfield holding BOB owned by Soren/Carlos
BOS - Soren/Carlos, BOV - Dawn Guth, BOSV - Steven Henderson
Julia Krout organizing her specialty show on Saturday put on by Patriot Fuzzies.

Saturday Specialty show winner- BOB - Ginger and Helen, BOS - Natilie Schellhamir with Judge Robert Frizzell

Fuzzy Lop exhibitors join for dinner and a night on the town after the show on Saturday!!!

Breeders traveled through rain, sleet and snow to show their fuzzies in Lebanon, Pa. on February 2 and 3rd! Over 11,000 rabbits were shown and more than 100 fuzzies in open in what has been called the mini-convention of the north! I look forward to traveling to the northern most part of our district 9 each year, when the weather permits. It has become a tradition.... the fun, people, and night out on the town being the biggest part of the tradition!

Big congratulations to all the winners and exhibitors!! Reported by Ginger Mendat

Check back tomorrow for photos from the second day of the show.

Monday, February 4, 2008

What the New England Patriots and Fuzzy Tales Have in Common

I'm not sure how many football fans there are who are AFLRC members, but based on the stats nearly everyone in the country watched the Super Bowl yesterday, right? Personally, basketball is more my game (not to play, but as a spectator), but even I thought that was a great football game. I couldn't really decide which team to support, but no problem. I cheered for the team that was behind, then as soon as they scored, I switched!

So the end result of yesterday was that the NE Patriots did not have a perfect season. One BIG loss spoiled a lot of work. Now they have to wait many months before the Patriots and Tom Brady can try again. Fortunately for AFLRC, Fuzzy Tales comes out quarterly, so we get another shot at perfection in just 2 more months.

The first Fuzzy Tales issue of 2008 had several errors and we all apologize. If your website listing was missed or you thought the open district sweeps results looked funny or the report of the treasury didn't add up, you are right. All of those features had mistakes. A big apology also goes out to the Albrecht family (Shari and Sam), whose son is named Hunter (not Forest). Please be patient with us. The next issue will be better. Possibly still not perfect, but then remember what Winston Churchill said: "To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often."

Contributions to Spring 2008 issue of the club newsletter, Fuzzy Tales, are due March 1. This will include 2006-07 Fuzzy Lop of the Year and Herdsman of the Year articles and photos. Send your articles and photos to the editor.