Thursday, November 1, 2007

Louisville theme

Thanks Lindsay for letting us know the theme.
"Outta the gate in 2008"
Ok so do we all picture little bunnies with numbers on racing down a track? Yes it will be in every booth.
How many of you looked at the booths this year in Grand Rapids? Some of them really were something and I believe it was the Californian booth that won 1st place?
I didn't see that one.
Maybe we can get together in Colorado and see if we want to go all out in Louisville just for the heck of it?
I thought our booth was GREAT this year Sherry did a bang up job with our decorations look at the pictures on this blog. We should have been in the running. We should have won a prize!!
I hope the talented people like Sherry start identifying themselves so we can use you!
Still need a booth chair!!
Kay Pettengill has volunteered to do the banquet for us.

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