Monday, November 19, 2007

Three times the fun

Jennifer Burns and Sandi Meadows both of District 6 meet this weekend

Charlene Everette and Jennifer Burns hold their BOB and BOS rabbits from Show C

Helen Moore (BOV), Jennifer Burns (BOB), Dr. Steve Roush (judge), Ginger Mendat (BOS), Sandi Meadows (BOSV) in Show B

This is District Six reporting in from Conyers , GA where Fuzzies made a great showing in a triple event hosted by the Decatur RBA. There were 66 fuzzies shown, representing 4 states – Virginia , North Carolina , South Carolina , and Florida .

It was great to see everyone again. Because it was a triple show, many of us came up the night before, and then started the day early. We had a long day, but as always, it was great fun. A few bunnies were traded between friends. Shopping for supplies happened in between shows. And, stories were traded about upcoming litters and future show plans. The only downside to the whole weekend was the stay at the host hotel. But even this added to the event because everyone had a humorous tale about their evening. One group had the adventure of being transferred to their third room before settling down due lack of heat or a working telephone. Another reported unexpected guests of the 6 legged type. And still another unfortunately was rooming beside a “working girl’s office”. Oh well, at least we all had something to talk about!!! A long, full day was shared by all of us. After hugs goodbye before the long journey home, I couldn’t help but think that Saturdays like this one reminded me why I all enjoy our hobby so much. Here’s to hoping you enjoy these pictures. My favorite is the one of the four of us!

Show A Mendat/Moore won both BOB and BOS

Show B Jennifer Burns BOB - Senior Broken Doe
Mendat/Moore BOS – Senior Broken Buck

Show C Charlene Everett BOB – Senior Broken Buck
Jennifer Burns BOS -Senior Broken Doe

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